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I am a proud member of the Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Ambassador Team, the world's premiere fly fishing travel agency. This partnership allows me to offer my expert guide service to you as a client, while ensuring that every fine travel detail is handled in the most professional way possible. This has allowed me to offer an all around world class service fly fishing trip. 

"Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures is pleased to announce that world-renowned guide, filmmaker and traveling angler Jako Lucas has signed a formal deal with the company as the newest international travel ambassador for Yellow Dog. In addition to hosting trips, working with Yellow Dog clients, assisting with consumer shows and events, and promoting Yellow Dog͛s full range of offerings, Lucas will also serve in an advisory capacity, helping to develop new destination offerings, evaluating existing offerings and working with the Yellow Dog team on expanding the company͛s services. Jako joins fellow Yellow Dog Ambassadors Oliver White, Jeff Currie, and Wil Flack."

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Mongolia 2020
Eg-Ur: September 14-21, 2020
More than two and a half times the size of Texas, Mongolia is a mysterious and ancient country. To foreigners, it is recognized as the fabled homeland of the fierce nomadic warrior Genghis Kahn. Located in northern Asia, Mongolia is bordered to the north by Russia and to the south by China. This precarious political position and natural geographical isolation have for the most part kept Mongolia out of the Western spotlight for the past 100 years. It was only in the 1990s that the first Western tourists began to trickle in. And while the capital city of Ulaanbaatar has experienced a large amount of growth over the past 20 years, outside of the city the country remains exactly the same as it’s always been.
Hucho Hucho Taimen – known to Mongolians as the “River Wolf” – is exceptionally fierce and ferocious predators that are famous for feeding on other gamefish, ducks, mice, and even large prairie dogs. If you enjoy hunting large, predatory fish and value the quality of catch over quantity, then this is your place. Taimen fishing in Mongolia is rarely a numbers game, but when a three, four or even five-foot river fish violently smash your fly and the line comes tight, you’ll quickly understand the draw of fishing the rivers of Mongolia.

Brazil 2020

Pirarucu & Xingu: October 11-24, 2020

Pirarucu Lodge is located in the middle of the largest arapaima reserves in the world. Not only are these waters home to large numbers of arapaima – the largest freshwater species on the planet, but this area also hosts healthy numbers of arawana and tambaqui which are often sight fished with dry flies! Arapaima can grow to over 400 pounds and closely resemble a freshwater tarpon. When hooked, they explode in aerial displays, take off on long runs and surrender only after lengthy battles. Arapaima are often seen gulping air from the surface offering sight casting to singles, pairs or even schools of fish. Anglers will fish from comfortable and modern flat skiffs powered with 60 HP Yamaha outboards. These skiffs fish two anglers at the same time with two large casting platforms and the guides use a remote-control trolling motor to position the boat while fishing. The lodge is a floating lodge that is simple, comfortable and beautifully built from local woods. During the off season of fishing, guests travel from all over the world to visit this lodge solely for bird watching. The lodge offers bird safaris and jungle tracking with pro guides making this an ideal trip for bird enthusiasts and anglers alike.

Xingu Lodge is a new offering from our good friends, Untamed Angling.  The Xingu River is a clear water river that hosts a variety of exotic game fish, but this place is most noted for opportunities to fish to large payara with flies. 

Africa 2020
Gabon: Nov 4-9, 2021
The Guides Company is proud to announce the discovery of an incredible tarpon fishery in Gabon, Central West Africa. Bordering an expanse of nature reserves with several river systems and coastal lagoons, lined by mangrove forests – These waters are home to the gargantuan West African Tarpon! After years of exploration through these remote and exquisite locations, we have consistently landed large tarpon ranging from 40 to 280lbs plus, on the fly. Join Arno Matthee, myself and TGC for a life changing tarpon fishing experience and be the first to cast a fly to one of the world’s last untamed monsters, the great “Silver King”!
Seychelles 2021

Cosmoledo: January 28 - February 4, 2021

In past years, Cosmoledo has become known as perhaps the finest giant trevally destination in the world: a legendary fishery that is perfect for anglers searching for the ultimate saltwater flats destination. This is one of the most remote, off-the-grid trips that we offer – an out-island, expeditionary adventure best-suited for anglers looking for an experience that is far from ordinary. The atoll is fished while basing off of Wizard Island at the new Cosmoledo Eco Lodge - a land-based operation that opened in November of 2018. This exicting new lodge program will accommodate 10 anglers per week during the 2019 season, evolving to 12 anglers per week beginning with the 2020 season. Since this is an incredibly remote location that involves a fair amount of travel to reach, it is worth stating that this is not a trip for everyone. That said, if you are looking to access one of the most incredibly pristine, untouched eco-systems in the world that is also home to some of the greatest GT fishing found anywhere - all in a comfortable, safe and reliable setting - there is no better option.

Cosmoledo is located on the same general area as the world heritage site of Aldabra and in many respects resembles the famous island that is often referred to as the “Galapagos of the Indian Ocean.” Within the Cosmoledo fishery, Menai and Wizard Islands occupy the east and west points of the atoll, named after the two ships that explored the atoll on the Moresby Expedition in 1822. The atoll’s south island stands near the main entrance to the inner lagoon, while the second smaller entrance is just south of Menai Island. The northern islands are interspersed with numerous islets and banks, all of which are home to good numbers of large fish. The sheer numbers and variety of fish species found within the Cosmoledo fishery has amazed the fly fishing world for years, with anglers from across the globe making the trip to sample the ultimate saltwater fly fishing playground. After a closure of six consectutive years (re-opened in 2015), the atoll has been rested and the fishing has rejuvenated itself exactly as you would expect an untouched ecosystem full of hungry giant trevally and other species would. 

Christmas Island 2021
The Villages Lodge: June 1-8, 2021

Bonefish are the main target species on Christmas Island and they are found all throughout the shallow flats of the coral atoll. As a result, this is an excellent destination for beginner saltwater anglers due to the sheer numbers of bonefish that are available. Each morning, anglers will be assigned their guides for each day of fishing. Typically there will be two anglers per one guide. The average bonefish throughout the ecosystem run two to three pounds in size. That said, the guides do have areas where larger fish may be targeted. Larger fish can range anywhere between three and seven pounds while some of the ocean reef flats hold even larger fish. In addition, fish in the six to ten-pound class are occasionally caught. Triggerfish are numerous and the atoll is home to three different and unique species of triggers. They are not easy to fool, and they feed in coral gardens and patches on flats, which means landing them can be a challenge. They are one of the most rewarding and certainly most beautiful fish you can catch on the fly. The waters of the atoll are also home to three species of trevally: Bluefin, golden and giant. The presence and availability of trevally for the flats angler definitely makes this destination unique. Trevally can be found feeding on the flats at any tide, but incoming tides and periods of high tide are the most productive times to focus on these hard fighting gamefish. Guides know where to locate them and anglers must be ready to make quick presentations to these aggressive, fast-moving fish. There are small milkfish on the flats, but the larger milkfish can be found in channels and deeper water around the island. These large schools are fished from the boat as they surf the swells. Milkfish feed on small clumps of algae and are very tough to fool on a fly, but if you are lucky enough to come tight on one while fishing an algae fly, they are one of the hardest fighting fish in the ocean and opportunities to give Milkfish a shot abound on Christmas Island! The offshore or Bluewater fishing that surrounds Christmas Island is worth exploring as well. You may easily do this for a few hours in the morning before hitting the flats. There are typically abundant tuna and large barracuda, and giant trevally, wahoo, Mahi Mahi, sharks, and occasional marlin that also inhabit these waters. This is a year round fishery as a result of being so close to the equator.

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